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BoosT Your Child's Confidence and focus with guitar lessons

We offer in-home and virtual guitar lessons to children and adults for the Wausau, Stevens Point and Madison areas.
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 ​Did you know regularly scheduled lessons can help children and adults improve self-motivation, patience, resilience, time management skills and self-regulation of screen time? 


Jennifer Weiler

Shawn is a natural teacher. I know as I've taught in the arts and mentored student teachers for 20 years. His most obvious gift that he has is an amazing amount of patience! He uses multiple strategies for getting his point across, be it verbal, visual, or through talking through the challenges with my 9 year old son. He is always giving positive reinforcement or praise. And, he does it all through my son's chromebook screen due to Covid-19!!!! If you are looking for a guitar instructor for yourself or son or daughter, you should hire Shawn Yaeger!
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