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Fun, Fundamentals and Convenience Just for You!

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Ready to take the next step?


Are you looking for a convenient guitar, piano, drums or voice lesson option? 

  • Maybe you’re too busy to drive all over town for another time commitment.

  • Maybe you live outside of the Wausau area and do not have access to a music studio nearby.

  • Or maybe you've tried other options with poor results.


Sound familiar?



If so, you’re not alone and we can help.



There are many options for music lessons but nothing beats the convenience of learning from your home! No more running all over town! 



Best of all, students can remain in a comfortable environment which helps foster learning and focus!


The Opportunity Everyone Wants!

*Complete your first method book in under 6 months- which helps students reach goals faster!

*Learn note reading and steady rhythm from day 1- which creates independent learners! 


*Learn in an easy, fun and convenient environment which helps foster focus and results!


*Play music you're interested in learning- keeping students engaged and lessons fun!

*Learn to read music notation, tablature, and ear training-creating well rounded musicians!

What You Get!

***1 weekly lesson with one of our fun, engaging instructors!

***All materials needed for instruction!  

***Our unique approach to achieve great results fast!

*** Access to performance recitals!

***24/5 access to an instructor for questions or concerns!

*** Convenience of lessons in the comfort of your home!

*** Easy scheduling and re-scheduling!

There's only one way to know if this option is for you- just give it a shot!  

So what's next?

It's easy to get started!

1. Click here to get started

2. We'll schedule a trial lesson in your home.

3. After your trial lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

4. Immediately start seeing amazing results!

Interested in learning through live online instruction?

Click Here to learn more


"Shawn is patient, extremely kind, loves music and very knowledgeable of what he does. We wouldn't want anyone else. "-Pahoua

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