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Katie Krueger


Shawn is very patient with teaching my 5 year. He keeps it fun so she stays interested. He comes to your house so your child is comfortable. Highly recommended!

Kari Van Den Elzen

Shawn is a fantastic guitar teacher. He is very talented and has a lot of knowledge to share. Shawn makes sure my son is achieving his personal goals with guitar and is always willing to answer questions. My son is having FUN, which is important for learning. Shawn is kind, organized, and I love the "lessons in your home" option. Highly recommend!
Pa Thao
After meeting Shawn, Nathan admired Shawn and how he work with kids. Nathan looks forward to his lessons each day so it says alot about how awesome Shawn is.
Choua Xiong
My family really enjoys working with Shawn. He's patient and very professional at what he does. Aeris loves working with him because she not only learn from the text, but she also is able to learn music pieces that she likes as well. Not only that but she is loving more worship songs as she continues to grow and learn more about the music. Shawn doesn't shy away from teaching new music as well, and he is willing to learn/rearrange it to my child's level.  His 1 to1 teaching methods are amazing, and Aeris learns so much from him in such a short amount of time. Whether it be teaching in person or virtually, he shows his dedication by working with my child, and making sure that she is able to gain as much as she can for the week. I highly recommend Shawn Yeager Music to anyone who is interested is having their child learn guitar.
Xai Xiong
There are so much positive things I can say about Shawn and his work. He's really good and patient with my 8-year-old son. I like that he takes his time to listen to my son and help him work through pieces that he's struggling to play. Shawn have been nothing but supportive in helping my son meet his guitar milestone we set for the year.

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